Now more than ever, we need leaders in every level of government who come from the working class and who are dedicated to fighting inequality and injustice. Let’s make New Bedford work for everyone.

Meet Matt

I’m a local writer and educator who sees the need for community activism. For the last six years, I’ve dedicated myself to local politics and fighting for legislation to break the corrupting influence of money. I firmly believe in the power of the people to bring about the change we need in every level of our government. New Bedford has historically lit the world and now we have an opportunity to do so again, if we’re brave enough to pursue it. We need everyone on board – the L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ community, ethnically diverse communities, people of any faith – to bring about the change that our future desperately needs. We must be inclusive, just, and equitable. Join me in building our community’s future.



New Bedford’s coastline is one of the best areas in the state to develop the Green Technologies that will power the world. I will make sure that we will lead the way in these technologies and require Green Tech companies to employ New Bedford residents for these excellent-paying jobs.


We need to improve the transparency and accountability of the New Bedford Police Department. I will work on implementing common-sense reforms that will improve the relationship between the police and the community, and will work to make this difficult job easier.

Housing justice

With the Commuter Rail coming down from Boston to New Bedford, we have to protect our communities from being priced out of housing by speculators. As Councilor At-Large, I will make sure this city doesn’t kick out the generations of families that have lived here, and remains affordable and accessible to everyone.

All forward change has come from people working together. I need your support, your help, and your voice to win the change we need. Add your name to stay in touch and to show your support for my campaign.

Contact: Matt Keefer
Email: matt@mattkeefer.com
Text: (774) 473-9144